Stinson Transformational, LLC is a marketing consulting company designed to help non-profits and churches with tight budgets and little time increase their reach and their revenue so that they can better the lives of more people.

dsDarryll Stinson is the Founder and CEO of Stinson Transformational, LLC and the voice behind the blog.He also serves as campus director of Faith Community Church Saginaw where he oversees operations and provides leadership and pastoral care.
Stinson, a former Central Michigan University defensive end has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Integrative Public Relations and is a credentialed minister.
Throughout his career, he’s worked in a variety of positions for corporate and non-profit companies, includingUnited Way, Central Michigan University, Verizon Wireless, Faith Community Church and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

His primary skills include sales/fundraising, marketing, outreach, social media, leadership and life coaching.

Stinson is on a mission to help meaningful non-profits become major world influencers. He currently resides in Saginaw, Michigan with his wife Brittany and two daughters (Ava and Arianna).

Brittany Stinson is the executive assistant for Stinson Transformational. She has a gift for details and organization that brings excellence to the team.Stinsons 022 sj

She is a CMU alumnus with a B.S. in Exercise Science and will receive her Master’s degree in General Administration in 2017.

Brittany also serves as Faith Community Church Saginaw Campus Director alongside her husband Darryll. Brittany, a mommy of two,  previously served as Medical Staff Coordinator for Mid-Michigan Health and Faith Community Church Mount Pleasant Executive Assistant.

Her primary skills include strategizing, leadership, organizing, and visioneering. She is passionate about taking struggles or dead spots in a workflow process, diagnosing them, and crafting a plan to streamline operations and increase impact.