I started practicing photography for two reasons.

  1. It broke my heart that there were no pictures attached to some of my favorite family gatherings. We would sit and reminisce about Christmas of 06′ but couldn’t recall everyone that was there, or that hilarious moment when Uncle Blue tore his pants. I made it my personal mission to capture the special moments that mean the world to me.
  2. My wife and I paid a TON of money for pictures that were great but the price was ridiculous. Trust me, I know photographers have to eat… but I don’t like giving them a month’s salary for four to six hours of their time. That just wasn’t smart financing. So, I decided to save money by learning to take my own photos and to help others by charging affordable prices.

Below are some of my favorite moments. If you are looking for good photos at an affordable price hit me up. Visit my contact page and we’ll work something out.

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